At Norton Canes, our complaints procedure is based on a principle that concerns expressed by a pupil, parent, guardian or any individual or organisation with a concern should be resolved as quickly as possible without the need to escalate to the increasing more formal stages of the procedure. However, where resolution is not achieved quickly and the person raising the complaint remains dissatisfied and wishes to take the matter further, the formal procedure will be invoked.

The Four Stages of our Complaints Procedure are:


Stage 1 – Informal Procedure

This is usually a conversation with a class teacher, the Headteacher/Deputy or other members of staff without the need to resort to a formal procedure . This can usually deal with many enquiries and concerns satisfactorily. The Academy values informal meetings and discussions.


Stage 2 – Formal Complaint Heard by a Member of Staff

The Executive Headteacher will identify the appropriate member of staff to handle the formal complaint at ‘Stage 2’. If the complaint is about a member of staff then it will normally be a more senior manager that investigates the complaint. If the complaint is very serious then the Executive Headteacher, at their discretion, may escalate the procedure directly to Stage 3.


Stage 3 – Formal Complaint Heard by the Headteacher

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the way the complaint was handled at ‘Stage 2’, they may proceed to ‘Stage 3’ and have the Executive Headteacher hear the complaint. The Executive Head may delegate the task of collating the information to another staff member but not the decision on the action to be taken.


Stage 4 – Complaint Heard by Governing Body Complaints Appeal Panel

The complainant needs to write to the Academy Trust Secretary to the Governors, as directed by the Executive Headteacher, giving details of the complaint.

Mrs R Frondigoun, our Local Governing Body Chair, can be contacted via. email:


What should I do if I have a complaint about the school's SEND provision?


We welcome feedback from parents, including complaints. However if a parent is unhappy they should initially speak to the class teacher. If the issue is not resolved they can speak to the SENCO and/ or the Executive Headteacher. It is hoped that a solution would be reached between the school and the parents but if a problem still exists parents may seek the advice of the SEND governor and if a child has an EHCP or statement, the Local Authority. Parents may also be signposted to the local Parent Partnership Service. As a last resort parents have the right to go to an independent SEN tribunal. Parents may also write to the Chair of Governors via. the details above.


See our Policies and Agreements section for further information regarding our Complaints Policy & Procedure.

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