Due to the current pandemic, we are in unprecedented times and are following Government guidelines.

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Key information

  • All requests for childcare must be requested on the school app.

  • Key information and updates are published on the Piota app.

  • Telephone calls will be responded to by a member of staff in the office during the usual school hours.

Phased Return

As you will be aware the Government have advised that schools will begin to re-open to children. Please note that all of the information below is subject to change up until 31st May 2020 due to Government updates. There are a number of documents provided by the Government in order to support schools with re-opening. Links are below:

Initial planning framework – 12.05.2020

Actions to prepare for wider opening – 12.05.2020

Implementing protective measures in education – 12.05.2020

At Norton Canes Primary Academy, our number one priority is the safety and well-being of the children and staff within the school. This has resulted in some changes being made in order to best protect all children and staff who are within the school building. These are detailed below and should answer a number of your questions during this time.

Due to a reduced capacity within school, to meet social distancing guidelines, we are able to support 25% of our current pupils on our school roll. The groups of children that will be returning to school initially will be:

  1. Children of key workers and children who are deemed vulnerable (this includes children who receive support from a social worker or have an Education Health and Care Plan EHCP). 

  2. Children from Year 6.

On Monday 1st June 2020 staff will receive additional training with regards to effective use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE will be used by staff if they are providing intimate care or first aid.

Children in group 1 will return to school on Tuesday 2nd June 2020.

Children in group 2 may return to school on Monday 8th June 2020 pending on information given by the Government and Reach Academy Trust. 

Children who are not in school will continue to be provided with home learning through MyMaths and our Facebook page (individual Year groups) or through email, following the current provision.



Please note that staff may not be as responsive to requests as they will be teaching throughout the day, however our staff endeavor to ensure your child is provided education at home and this will be given and updated daily.

  • If your child is in group 1. You have completed a request on Piota and will receive further information about which ‘bubble’ your child is in.

  • If your child is in group 2. You will receive a message through Piota and be advised if your child will be returning to school. You will receive further information about which ‘bubble’ your child is in.

Please note, there will be NO fines issued for children who do not return to school in June. This is parental choice. Due to the reduced capacity within school we are not expecting any children from other groups to return at this time. If this changes, you will be informed.

Your child will be allocated a ‘bubble’. Each bubble will have no more than 10 children in and will have allocated staff who will only work with that bubble. This is to reduce the risk of infection. Each bubble will also be allocated:

  • a drop off and pick up time (This will mean changes to the time of the school day)

  • break time (s)

  • lunch time

    • Hot food orders will not be available for the foreseeable future. Information on lunches will be provided through Piota. 

  • outdoor time

  • a classroom

  • a weekly timetable

There will be no changes to the bubble unless the Government guidelines for social distancing change.

Cleaning schedules within school have all been updated to ensure that the cleanliness continues to be of upmost importance during this time. This will mean that your child will be expected to wash their hands more frequently and this will be monitored by staff within school.

Your child will not be able to bring personal belongings with them to school. The only permitted items will be a disposable lunch bag (carrier bag) and a water bottle. These will be refilled using the sink tap. There will be no access to the water cooler at this time.

Your child will be required to wear a clean set of clothes each day. These must be school uniform. 

If your child has been, or is unwell you should NOT bring them to school. If a child begins to display symptoms of Coronavirus during the day they will be isolated in a designated area (First Aid room). Parents/Carers will be contacted to collect their child immediately.


Staff will be wearing full PPE during any isolation. The child will be required to be tested and isolated while waiting for the results. If the result is negative they may return to school. If it is positive, the family will need to continue to isolate for 14 days.

If there is a confirmed case of Coronavirus within school, all children and staff from the ‘bubble’ will be required to isolate for 14 days and we strongly urge that all are tested.

We will inform ALL parents of children who are attending if there is a suspected case from either a child or member of staff within Norton Canes Primary Academy. This enables you to make an informed decision as to whether to send your child the following day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my 5 year old be forced to social distance with other children?

Year 1 and Reception are not returning at this time. If your child is receiving childcare in group 1 (Key worker/vulnerable) there will be social distancing in place.

How many children from Year 1 will be in a class together please? Will children spend time with their normal teacher during this time?

Year 1 will not be returning at this time. Bubbles will have no more than 10 children in and will be allocated members of staff. This may include their usual teacher, but it is not guaranteed.

I’m assuming before and after school club wouldn’t be available. Can you confirm this please?

There will be no wrap around provision at this time.

How will lunchtimes and break times work within school?

These will all be staggered to ensure that bubbles can be protected.

How is the school planning to organise children into the ‘bubble’ groups?

For group 1 children will be grouped with siblings where possible. After siblings we will be looking to group children from the same year group together to provide the best possible provision.

How are you planning on supporting children and parents with their well-being as this has been such unprecedented times that there will be some very worried children and parents? 

We hope that by being open and honest with our plans that most parents will feel ease that we are putting measures in place to protect all that are attending. For the children, our nurture team have been busy preparing resources and activities that will be used with all bubbles to ensure that the return is as easy as possible.

What will drop off and collection look like?

There are specified drop off and collection times. Parents will drop off their child at a designated school entrance following social distancing guidelines at the exact time specified. The adults assigned to your child’s bubble will collect them and follow an agreed route in to school. Parents will be asked to leave immediately as to avoid grouping. 

What will happen at break time with social distancing?

Children will be in their bubble during break times. Adults will be leading games during this time to provide structured play.

Are we getting fined if we don’t feel it’s safe to send the children back?

No fines will be issued during this time.

Will the children be doing full or part days? And will they be with their original teacher?

Each bubble will have set times for the day. Each day is as close to a full school day as possible. We can not guarantee that children will be with their original teacher.

Will children need masks?

Children will not need masks.

Will lessons be fit for his year, or just working through BBC Bitesize type things?

The adults leading the Year 6 education group will provide an age appropriate education. Key worker/vulnerable groups will be provided with childcare during this time.

Will there be any preparation for high school, or just left now?

Within the timetable there are activities planned for transition to high school.

Will there be anything in place for children that struggle emotionally?

The nurture team have been working on resources and activities for children when they return to school.

What will happen if I keep my children off for the rest of the summer even if the school is open ?

This is parental choice. You will not be fined by the local authority.

Can we choose to send them say 2 days a week instead of the full 5 days?

The provision is full time. There will be no part time options.

If our child hurts themselves, how will it be dealt with?

Staff providing first aid will be wearing full PPE. Children will be provided with the appropriate care for their needs.

Will Year 4 be returning before September?

This is dependent upon the Government social distancing restrictions. With the current guidelines in place – no. If they are reduced or changed – there is a possibility.

What protocol will be in place to protect teachers?

Teachers have been in integral part of the risk assessment process. They will have all updated and relevant training required for re-opening the school.

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