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Let There Be Light

Year 6 have started an undercover rescue attempt for their new mini mission 'Let There Be Light'. Our journey began with a mysterious message washed ashore within the classroom. Since then, we have spent a lot of our time investigating and exploring a wide range of aspects to do with light - creating our own torches with circuits, investigating how light travels, shadows and reflection/refraction. The messages continue to find their way to us and we are sending back information to try and help.
Year 6 received another series of cryptic messages in a bottle this week. We have been focusing on using our grammar skills to write clear, purposeful information to help our mystery accomplice.

Year 6 discovered that we had been deceived by none other than a descendant of the infamous pirate Blackbeard! In fact, we had sent information to help him escape a top secret prison.

We spent the last week using our best persuasive language to contact him once more and convince him to turn himself in.

Great mini mission Year 6 you were well and truly on board the entire time and produced some amazing pieces of work.