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Tomb Raiders

To launch our new Year 6 Mini Mission (Tomb Raiders) we completed a series of different tasks. First, we created our own names in hieroglyphs. Following that, we tried to mummify our friends with toilet paper. It turns out, this is not how to correctly mummify someone! We learnt how to mummify and practised on unsuspecting victims—tomatoes!

Finally we used out understanding of nets to create different 3D models which are hung around our classroom.

This week Year 6 have been practising being historians, using a range of primary and secondary sources to discover how the Ancient Egyptians lived. Following this, they have used their creativity to create their own hieroglyphs and Gods and Goddesses to show their deep understanding! Great work Year 6.
Year 6 worked extremely hard on creating specific writing effects through dialogue and ‘show not tell’ during our Tomb Raiders mini mission. We really dived into what it would be like to be Indiana Jones and created some super examples!