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Remote Learning FAQ

Do I need to be on the Teams call every day?


The short answer to this is yes. We understand that there are some issues with access to internet and devices, but as well as Teams being an opportunity to speak to children and teach/provide feedback, it is our registration for the day. If we don't see you on teams, teachers will attempt to contact you throughout the day. 


Is it ok if I do my work on paper?


It is ok for you to complete your work on paper. However, as a teaching team we do want to provide you with meaningful feedback. To do this we would like you to email pictures of your work to your teachers email account so that we can respond each day. 


Can I have paper copies of the weeks work?


Yes you can pick up paper packs from school between 1pm and 2pm every Monday. We would also like you to email images of your completed work each day to your class teacher. 



Why can't I edit the PowerPoint set for me by my teacher in Microsoft Teams?


Most of the best features from Microsoft Teams work in the free app. However, not all devices are powerful enough to run all of the features. It may help you to log in to your account through your devices web browser.


I'm using a tablet and can't edit the PowerPoint set for me by my teacher, what can I do?


If you are using a tablet there are some simple steps to follow to allow you to edit.

1) Open the document via assignments.

2) In the top right hand corner there is a square with a pencil in it. This is the edit button.

3) This may prompt you to download PowerPoint. I believe PowerPoint is free to download for editing purposes.

4) Allow the document to load.

5) Edit the document.

6) You do not need to save the document once you are completed but in the top left hand corner there is an arrow that looks similar to this <. This will prompt auto save.

7) Go back to the assignment in teams and click 'turn in'.


I can see the text box on my work but I can't edit it, what should I do?


It seems to be a feature of Teams that sometimes we can't automatically edit text boxes. A quick solve for this is to click on the "draw" tab and then click the cursor button. This should allow you to select the text box and type. Alternatively, you could insert your own text box and type in that. 




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