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Year 5 began their new mini mission with some expert survival training (thanks to professional Levison Woods). 

Mission 1's aim was simple, the task.... not so much. Children had to use equipment provided to transfer water from a water source (barrels), over a range of obstacles and down a filtrations system (guttering) into a clean bowl for consumption and of course - survival! 

Mission 2 was even more complicated. Using a range of equipment, children had to design and build contraptions to retrieve food (a range of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and nutrients... a.k.a coloured balls) from a source located in the middle of an uninhabitable void. Here, children put their teamwork and creativity to the test.

Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon with parents at the parent workshop building structures to withstand an earthquake. Everyone worked extremely well as teams with their adults (they did push patience at times and competition was high). Thanks to everyone for your support, the children had a fantastic afternoon!

In Year 5 we have been diving into (not literally) the different stages of volcanic eruptions in geography. Today we emulated the process using pastels! Here are some of our masterpieces!

Year 5 finished their Jumanji topic with a flurry of lessons, learning about the properties of volcanoes and why earthquakes occur. Then moving into their short narrative text. You all worked extremely hard to produce some fantastic pieces of work and help our heroes escape the game! Now on to the next adventure…